youthful-skin-in-6-weeks.jpg Dr.Loretta Ciraldo professor of dermatology at University of Miami in her new book "6 Weeks to Sensational Skin" has mentioned many tips on how to freshen up and rejuvenate the skin.

Book Review
a. Take the photagraph of your face, to identify the problem spots on your face and to get a clear idea on what to address first.
b. The lotions commonly used by women at the night time contain Retin-A or glycolic acid, which causes irritation to skin. To avert this wash the pillowcase twice a week or get a pillowcase with high thread count, like 400.
c. Unlike, skin care products which are free of harmful ingredients to skin, the hair care products are not so. The ingredients in shampoos may cause irritation to skin. So for this
wash your hair every other day.
d. Use a clear shampoo (in case you regularly wash hair) rather than creamy one. Use the products, which do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate or fragrance.
e. Just a smile at morning and night time for 5-minutes, strengthens muscles around the lips. This avoids formation of lines around the lips.