Everyday our skin undergoes environmental damage and is exposed to harmful soaps and chemicals. It is essential to help the skin rejuvenate itself by having a proper protective regime. In addition to lotions and creams, it is also very important to have a balanced diet. Most people going in for weight loss programs ignore the benefits of essential fatty acids ( EFA's ) which are absolutely necessary for a vibrant skin. According to research, the best way to maintain a healthy, soft and supple skin is to make sure that you eat the right nutrients. Eating the wrong food can cause the skin to lose its ability to replace old or damaged cells. The lack of right nutrients can also lead to decreased natural oil production and inhibit the skin's ability to protect itself against evaporation.

Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids
a. One thing most dieters do not notice is that essential fatty acids (EFAs) not only aid in weight loss, but also help the body create new cells, repair damaged cells and get rid of harmful toxins.
b. EFAs help cardiovascular, immune, reproductive and nervous systems.
c. EFAs are very helpful for people with dry skin conditions.
e. Using a shielding lotion significantly reduces the loss of natural oils and moisture.
f. The sources of EFA's are fish, soya oil, leafy vegetables, walnuts, canola, hemp oil, chia seeds and flax seeds.