dr-julia-tatum-hunter.jpg Skin Fitness Plus is a unique anti aging program started by Dr.Julia Tatum Hunter, which lays emphasis on entire body's physiology for skin problems rather than working on skin as an isolated thing. Usually all the skin care products are made of ingredients like artificial colors, fragrances, artificial preservatives, all which accelerates aging and causes inflammation which is cause of multitude of skin ailments. Skin Fitness Plus addresses this by reducing the inflammation by avoiding its causes.


a. Skin Fitness Plus offers treatments that are chemically free.
b. Skin Fitness Plus identifies and utilizes technology, procedures and products that are free of harmful irritants, chemicals and also that are rich in anti-oxidants with pH balancing and detoxifying properties to treat the whole body physiological needs.
d. It strengthens body's own ability to repair itself. This in long way aids helps in aging.
e. Skin Fitness Plus is on a drive to cure the skin ailments rather than merely working on the symptoms, by treating whole body through cutting-edge nutritional and hormonal science.
f. For more information on this visit www.skinfitnessplus.com