The anti-aging craze has given birth to a lucrative but unethical business. In South Florida, many anti-aging clinics have flourished by using illegal products and prescriptions. These clinics promise anything from rapid weight loss to muscle building. Their online doctors supposedly take blood tests and prescribe treatment without ever getting to meet the patients. This practice was exposed when 14 people running 7 internet pharmacies were indicted by a federal grand jury in South Florida. Authorities suspect that this could just be the tip of the iceberg.

Facts on clinics administering illegal anti aging drugs
a. Many clinics sell drugs illegally.
b. Clients are people who wish to develop muscles, lose weight, burn fat and reverse the aging process.
c. Most of the products sold have no scientific data to verify their efficacy and safety.
d. Owners of these clinics are sometimes people with shady antecedents.
e. Frequenting these clinics and using their products can have harmful effects.
f. These clinics often get doctors to sign prescriptions illegally without meeting patients.

Some clinics under the scanner
a. Signature Pharmacy in Orlando
b. Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center
c. Palm Beach Life Extension in Palm Beach Gardens
d. The Health and Rejuvenation Center in Palm Beach Gardens
e. Infinity Rejuvenation in Deerfield Beach
f. Metragen Pharmaceuticals in Deerfield Beach