Researchers at the Stanford University have reported that taking Human Growth Hormone has no positive impact in retarding aging process. Their study found that Growth Hormone has helped gain little muscle and reduced fat by maximum of 2 kg. Experts claim that the insignificant weight loss is not a big deal as this could have been attained by normal exercise and diet control, also.

Study Findings on HGH
a. The study disputed the popular belief that growth hormone is the fountain of youth. Results showed that growth hormone has no role in arresting the inevitable process of aging.
b. Moreover, using growth hormones could lead to complications like joint swelling, pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, increased risk of diabetes etc. It also has the risk of abnormal breast development in men.
c. Scientists have examined, about 31-patients. All this have given little evidence to support the claim that growth hormones is effective age-retarding properties.
d. Study findings are significant in view of 30,000 people in US, using growth hormone to arrest aging.