stop-the-clock-elaine-petrone-method.jpg After suffering a debilitating injury as a dancer, Elaine Petrone searched for the right therapy that can help her cope with her pain and stress. Finding none, she developed her own form of physical therapy. The best part about this method is that it also gave her relief from mental stress and trimmed her body. The secret of this method's success is that it lets the person decide on his or her own pace. Elaine also uses a soft rubber ball, that is placed below the lower back, in her method.

Program benefits
a. This kit contains a 55 minute DVD and one 5" soft rubber ball.
b. It gives relief from pain and tension in the shoulders, neck and head.
c. It costs $24.99 and can be purchased online, to buy click here
d. It promises to reverse the aging process and make one feel better.
e. This is a highly effective, non-invasive method of pain and stress relief.
f. It reduces waistlines and corrects posture and sagging upper arms.
g. The ball is used for relaxation and realigning the body.
h. The DVD also contains an interview with Elaine where she talks about her battle with chronic pain as a young dancer and how it led to the development of her method and subsequent best selling book and DVD.
i. This exercise method emphasizes gentleness, relaxed breathing, and the release of muscle tension.