pallone-procedure.jpgLooking young is a necessity today. There are many procedures in the market that women can choose from. One such procedure is the Pallone Method. Invented by Dr. Daniel McGrath of Saratoga Laser and Skin Center in Saratoga California, this procedure is done in three simple and effective steps. With hardly any recuperation time, this non-invasive procedure is ideal for acquiring a radiant skin.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is a three-pronged treatment procedure.
b. The first step is microdermabrasion using Mattioli Engineering's UltraPeel to exfoliate the stratum corneum.
c. The second step involves the use of a light laser peel with Fidelis' long pulsed erbium laser.
d. The third step involves the application of hyalluronic acid with amino acids on the skin through the dermoelectroporation technique.
e. This procedure has been approved by the FDA.
f. It is an effective procedure.
g. It rejuvenates and tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles.
h. It has little or no downtime.
i. It requires hardly any post-treatment care.
j. It can be tolerated by all skin types.
k. There are no side effects.
l. This is a safe procedure with no medication.
m. This is a single session procedure.

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