skin-myths.jpg Here is an examination of popular beliefs on skin and the scientific truth behind those beliefs.

The Belief: Junk food causes spots & acne
Fact: There is no evidence that chocolates, fries etc, cause spots. Spots arise due to hormonal surges and clogged pores in the skin.

The Belief: Drinking water hydrates skin.
Fact: Drinking more water does not hydrate the skin. To hydrate skin one shoudl use a good good moisturizer and stay away from sun.

The Belief: Not sleeping at night gives you dark eye circles
The Fact: Dark eye circles are caused by the way your eye sits in its socket. It's genetic.

The Belief: Cellulite is only seen on fat thighs
Fact: Cellulite can strike fat or thin legs. The cause is not clear but lack of exercise, toxins, smoking and dieting are known to cause cellulite.

The Belief: Wrinkles are caused by laughing too much
The Fact: Laughing a lot, however, does stretch the skin and could encourage crow's feet around the eyes. But wrinkles are often caused by aging.

The Belief: Stress causes grey hair
The Fact: Grey hair is inherited.

The Belief: Crossing your legs give you varicose veins
The Fact: If you've got a tendency to develop varicose veins, crossing your legs could increase the risks as the knee puts pressure on blood vessels. Study shows that 75 per cent of sufferers, varicose veins are hereditary.