Tripeptide has become a hot favorite among cosmetic companies manufacturing anti-aging products. Recent introduction of new products in the US market confirms this. They all have one ingredient in common and that is Tripeptide. However, since this is an expensive ingredient, all products using this is priced higher.

Major Benefits
a. It is special molecule belonging to the peptide family of amino acide.
b. It helps to improve skin conditions and appearance.
c. It makes the skin smooth and soft.
d. Tripeptide-1 and Tripeptide-3 are common ingredients in anti-aging products.
e. They stimulate the rejuvenation of skin cells and production of collagen.

a. It is comparatively more expensive and is used in products used by high end customers.

Cosmetic products containing Tripeptide
a. Peter Thomas' Wrinkle Preventer Serum, costs $75.
b. Peter Thomas' Mega Rich Cell-4 firming cream for the eyes, costs $65.
c. iS clinical's Youth Complex, costs$135 for 1fl oz.
d. Oxmostics' Anti-Radical Age Defense system.