truvu-system.jpg 'TruVU' (from Johnson & Johnson) is system using computer wizardry to detect wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, redness and clogged pores especially, that are invisible. Now this system is being used in Latria day spa to its clientèle.

Product Features
a. Your face is photographed by using filters of the system's digital camera under two kinds of polarized light: ultraviolet light and blue light. It takes 20 minutes for the process.
b. After analysis the system recommends specific cosmetic products, which helps you save money and time and keep off unnecessary risks.
c. This testing in Iatria Day Spa, Creedmoor Road location is free of cost until the end of the year. Latria Day Spa also offering various skin care products for sale such as creams, serums lotions and sunscreens.
d. The TruVU system could cost upto $20,000 to $30,000

However, TruVU is only a cosmetic guidance and not at all a medical advice.