vitamin-shots.jpg Injectable lifestyle vitamins are a big thing today. The number of people asking for them has risen drastically. And, these are not celebrities but normal working people. A busy and tiring life could be the reason for this. Though vitamin injections have their benefits, it is essential that these are administered by a qualified medical personnel to avoid complications.

Highlights of vitamin injections
a. A combination of B complex, vitamin C and zinc is used to recover from illness or deal with exhaustion.
b. Injections are effective if there is not enough oral supplements.
c. In Romania, a high vitamin A dose is available for less than £10 for five phials.

Disadvantages of vitamin injections
a. It has been found that all kinds of vitamins, including the dangerous vitamin A that causes cancer and birth defects, is easily available as shots.
b. Large amounts of vitamin A over a long time may have effect bone health causing fractures.
c. Vitamins A, E, D and K can be extremely toxic if delivered directly into the bloodstream.
d. Most people resort to self-administration of these injections which is highly dangerous.
e. An overdose of non-water-soluble vitamins A and D can cause cramps, nosebleeds, nausea, blurred vision, dry skin, liver disease, weight loss, kidney stones, permanent kidney damage, irritability and jaundice.
f. Self administration can, at times, even cause death.
g. Such injections give only a temporary relief.
h. There is also the risk of direct toxicity from excessive intakes of some nutrients.
i. The long term effects of such injections are not known.

Celebrities' known to use vitamin shots
a. Lindsay Lohan almost collapsed during a fashion shoot as she did not get her 'shot' on time to perk her up.
b. Britney Spears demanded an emergency injection during a recent concert in Miami to boost her energy levels.
c. Geri Halliwell needs those shots to survive her diets.
d. Robbie Williams needs them to helphim tour and party.
e. Artist Tracey Emin uses them when she is exhausted.
f. And, even Margaret Thatcher reportedly used B12 injections to survive on four hours' sleep a night.
g. Cindy Crawford uses them to look young.
h. Plum Sykes, the author and New York society queen, uses it for a flawless skin.
i. Madonna demanded a shot while flying from New York to London to revive her energy.