eating-well-wild-oats.jpg Wild Oats Markets,Inc. a leading chain of natural organic foods in the US and Canada is going to launch a nationwide educational program called Healthy Aging Education Program. The program helps the baby boomer population to incorporate a healthy life style and teach them tips to stay young.

Program Highlights
a. The program helps the aging population by focusing on the overall health of baby boomers and educating them on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, eating balanced diet, anti-oxidant super foods, regular exercise and cultivating a positive attitude.
b. It would educate people on staying active, taking vitamin-mineral supplements; avoid smoking and use protection / sunscreens when going out in the sun.
c. Program provides with multiple recipes that are rich in anti-oxidants, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids, which help curb aging symptoms.
d. A 22-page reference guide and “Healthy Aging Signage” would be provided that mentions all the fresh organic super-foods, supplements and natural body care products.
e. The book “Eating Well for Healthy Aging guide” is also on sale for $1 at stores or you can buy online at