ronda-beaman-youre-only-young-twice.jpg Today's world lays much stress on retaining youth. Cosmetics, plastic surgery and the like are all designed for this purpose. Dismissing all these external applications, 53 year old Ronda Beaman has published her book "You're Only Young Twice: 10 Do-Overs to Reawaken Your Spirit". The author stresses upon the importance of being child-like and carefree in order to feel young and maintain youth. She found inspiration in Ashley Montagu's 1988 book Growing Young, which also introduced her to the idea of neoteny.

Book review
a. Being playful, curious and creative prolong youthfulness.
b. Successful adults often display these traits.
c. Child-like people are happier and healthier.
d. A love of knowledge, intellectual curiosity and creative endeavors can lead to a youthful spirit.
e. It has been scientifically proved that human beings are supposed to retain their sense of wonder and curiosity.
f. Being young and beautiful is inbuilt and cannot be sustained by external treatments.
g. Everybody has the capacity to be young, it just needs to be tapped.
h. The author came to these conclusions after 10 years of extensive research.
i. The book can be purchased at amazon purchased from for $14.95.