aromatherapy-expert.jpg Annalee Phillips a Moreland resident and an expert on aromatherapy is going to offer free class to the public on January 24 from 7pm to 9pm at Best Western at Blackfoot, ID. The class covers all the basics, nuisances on aromatherapy.

What is taught in the class?
a. Various concepts of how aromatherapy can be useful to tackle some of the common health problems like depression, using aromatherapy to kill household germs, remove toxins in body.
b. The class would focus on clarifying some of the myths surrounding aromatherapy. Moreover, stress would be laid on how to derive true therapeutic values of aromatherapy for any individual.
c. An introductory note regarding aromatherapy would be given, so that they can realize fuller benefits of the therapy.
d. Emphasis would be on to acquaint people with the difference of various products, the reliable sources of products, how to check for the quality of aromatherapy products and their correct usage.
e. Class would, also be conducted on Feb 21 and March 14 from 7 pm. to 9pm, by Phillips. For more information contact Phillips at