fake-botox-dangers.jpg Many people have been victims of a cheaper version of Botox. The cost lures people who, after the procedure, ends up facing serious problems. These products are being used widely in India & South America where, according to Allergan, almost 5 per cent of non-surgical Botox procedures are done using these products.

Hidden Dangers
a. These are cheaper Botox from China and Korea.
b. Despite claims, these biological generics do not produce the same results as botox.
c. They are priced almost 40 per cent less than botox.
d. Till date, there have only been about 25 to 30 clinical trials of these products.
e. It has no proven records.
f. They usually go by the name of Botulinum Toxin type A or Botulinum Cream.
g. They also usually have a 'Made in China' or a 'Made in Korea' label.
h. Some of these prodcts have undecipherable Chinese inscriptions