Botox is quite popular among middle-aged women to smooth out facial lines and wrinkles. Now, this procedure is being used more and more to smooth out the neck rings caused by sagging skin of the neck. This helps to smooth horizontal wrinkles and reduce vertical cords in the neck region.

a. Botox is used to tighten the skin from the chin to the chest where bands begin to form as one ages.
b. Botox helps relax the platysmal muscles and helps make the skin smooth and younger looking.
c. There are hardly any side effects.
d. Most of the customers are middle-aged women in their late 40s and 50s.

a. It is not very effective on people with very loose folds on their neck.
b. A patient might experience difficulty while swallowing for a short time after the procedure.
c. Women who are into performing arts are not advised to undergo this procedure as it could could modify or alter their voice slightly.

Costs of the procedure
a. It costs about $600 to $1000.

Doctors performing this procedure
a. Dr. Neil Sadick, NY, NY
b. Dr. David C. Watts, NJ
c. Dr. Francesca Fusco, NY, NY