Botox has been found to work a problem which paralysis the muscles on one side of the face. The paralysis of the facial nerve also called as Bell's Palsy causes the side of the to droop. It also controls the muscles that close the eyelids. The paralysis harms the eyeball because the blink reflex is lost with voluntary lid closure. The nerve that opens the eyelids is still intact, hence the eye tends to remain open 24/7. A new and safe alternative to surgery is to cure Bell's Palsy is offered by Botox. Injecting a little Botox into the upper eyelid the muscle fibers that would normally open the eyelids are paralyzed for 2-3 months. This temporary lid droop neutralizes the effects of the Bell's Palsy, leaving the eyelid closed and the eye fully protected. Within a span of 3 months most people with Bell's Palsy recover well and use their facial nerve - within that time the Botox wears off. Lid elevation and lid closure are restored.

Photo Source: Web MD