botox-dermal-filler.jpgDr.Frederic Meunier, winner of UniQuest's 2006 Trailblazer innovation competition, is developing a treatment for motoneuronal diseases by modifying Botox – the popular anti-wrinkle dermal filler. Motoneuronal diseases leads to degeneration of the nerve pathways, that control muscle activity. This physically debilitating disorders leads to progressive weakness and wasting of muscles, and is incurable. Dr Meunier is on the process of developing botox to selectively deliver drugs to motoneurons and directly treat motorneuron diseases. For this he is using the knowledge of the mode of action of the neurotoxins to design a selective motoneuron delivery system that could change the way of treating motoneuronal diseases. The therapeutic applications of this research are important, as it could aid prevention or cure of motoneuronal diseases.