Adults who have received high concentrated dose of unlicensed botulinum toxin, have had high toxin levels by 40 times leading to a paralytic illness called Botulism. Botulism is an illness, if left untreated may cause respiratory failure and even death. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention had received, 4 suspected botulism case patients related to cosmetic botulinum toxin injections. They reported symptoms of abnormality in functions of nerves, movement of facial muscles and swallowing, by using diluted neurotoxins.

Precautionary measures to tackle botulism
a. Early detection of botulism, and quick administration of antitoxin, would help tide over the problem.
b. Immediately report to local health authorities, if there are suspected cases of botulism.
c. Be cautious with unlicensed botulinum toxin products and use only licensed products.