botox-injections.jpg Researches at the Mayo Clinic have found that treating wounds like a dog bite, motor vehicle accident, or from a skin cancer biopsy, with botox helps in the appearance of the scar in later stages. Botox facilitates healing of the wounds fast and helps in reducing the number of surgeries required to eliminate scars.

Injecting botox to the wound paralyzes the region, creating a smooth surface in which the wound can heal. The injected botox does not allow any muscle movement from folding at the wound site, which leaves a flat surface for the wound to heal.

Botox also helps people having older scars surgically erased. Facial scarring has deep impact on a patient's life and can make them depressed and withdraw socially. The side effects with botox injections are few, like small bruise at the injection site or headache. The injections are not yet approved by FDA.