Any kind of aesthetic procedures are not meant to be bought via mail order. Even injectibles can have serious side effects as customers are often not well informed. A recent move by a clothing mail order company offering botox and other non-invasive enhancement procedures has raised the serious issue of unsafe practices.

Controversy Highlights
a. Grattan, a mail order company specializing in clothes, has started offering non-invasive procedures like botox and lip enhancements through mail order.
b. Customers, after buying a procedure through the Grattan catalogue are admitted to a Transform clinic where they undergo the actual treatment.
c. Customers can either pay for the procedure in full or in easy monthly installments.
d. This has created a furor among plastic surgeons.
e. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has also issued a warning that this undermines the seriousness of enhancement procedures.
f. However, the company has said that customers were fully informed before any transaction took place.