mobile-botox-program.jjpg.jpg Robert Fisher has started “Mobile Botox Clinics” in May 06. The program offers Botox treatment and services to patients at their door-step.

Program Highlights

a. The first visit consultations take an hour
b. Follow-up consultations take 15-20 minutes
c. The charges are $10 per unit of Botox injected and a destination fee of $10
d. Till date, non have booked the service.
e. The injections are given without the supervision of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon

But the Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons have raised concerns over the safety, of the Mobile Botox program. Experts say that the temperature at which Botox is stored cannot be maintained in the mobile unit and the uncomfortable patient in chair and his movements may pose risks. All this are risks associated with the program. But Fisher rubbed of the charges leveled against the mobile program and says if this program succeeds; imitators will follow, offering peels, resurfacing and any procedure they can get away with.