Some of the latest latest breakthroughs in dermatology without undergoing plastic surgery are reviewed here.

Faux Botox creams
In place of Botox injections, people are using “faux-tox” (cream). The claim is that the application of cream has the same result of Botox injections. “Faux-tox” is safe without side-effects, compared to Botox injections which consists deadly strain botulinium toxin.

Freeze 24/7
In the Freeze 24/7 an active ingredient “gaba” (gamma-amino butyric acid) which is a muscle relaxant produced naturally in the body, is used. Gaba diminishes wrinkles on face, without any side effects. According to Freeze 24/7 100% of the respondents experienced 50-90% visible reduction of wrinkles within 10 minutes of application.

DDF Wrinkle Relax
DDF Wrinkle Relax is an anti-aging cream. It is a combination of two non-toxic anti-aging peptides chemically combined from naturally derived amino acids. DDF Wrinkle Relax claims to help prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movements without the loss of expression.. Helps prevent premature aging. Visible results within two weeks. 5 oz. jar = $80

Strivectin claims to: decrease the depth of indentations in the skin, increase stimulation of collagen synthesis, correct skin coloration irregularities, increase the smoothness, thickness and firmness of the skin. Strivectin SD uses a combination of agents, elasticizers, and skin hydrators, all designed to address every issue of stretch mark
repair. 6 oz. jar = $135

Hydroderm claims to: decrease fine lines and wrinkles, deliver whole collagen to the skin, and boost skin's natural glow, tone and texture. In addition to the patented collagen infusion delivery system, hydroderm contains the collagen-promoting power of matrixyl 3000 peptides, which work to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth and density, and skin promote smoothing. A user study shows matrixyl 3000 fights the appearance of wrinkles with: 45% reduction in the area occupied by deep wrinkles, 15% reduction in the mean depth of the main
wrinkle, 18% reduction in complexity. Hydroderm Wrinkle Reduction System = $79

Olay Regenerist
Olay Regenerist claims to regenerate skin's appearance, without irritation, by renewing its outer layer one cell at a time. The result is skin that looks, feels, and behaves more like new skin. This next generation line of three products — a serum, cream, and lotion — helps improve the skin's moisture barrier and renew its outer layer to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, delivering optimal skin health. 1.7 oz. = $18.99