biomesosculpture-diamond-contours.jpg The presence of cellulite has been the bane of women for a long time now. It can be caused by anything from lifestyle habits to genetics. Though there are many creams and lotions to address this problem, they are not fully effective. Hence, it comes as a big relief that biomesosculpture has been introduced by Australian company Diamond International to combat this problem. According to CEO, John Pavia, it is the modern version of the ancient Chinese practice of placing glass or bamboo cups on the skin with suction.

Procedure Review
a. Biomesosculpture is 100% natural.
b. It blocks the appearance of cellulite by stimulating fluid flow below the skin.
c. Specially made chocolate moisturizing cream is applied to the body after the treatment.
d. This procedure has been in the market for 6 months now.
e. It stimulates blood circulation and removes congestion below the skin surface.
f. Clients looking for a brow lift or chin and jaw reconstruction can benefit from this procedure.
g. It can be used to remove stretch marks and induce inch loss.
h. It is a non-invasive procedure for enhancing the body and face.
i. It is a painless and relatively quick procedure.
j. It is suitable for all skin types.
k. The treatment takes about an hour and requires 10 sessions before results are visible.
l. It costs just $200 to $300 per treatment and is currently available in Beverly Hills, US