cellubike-cellulite.jpg To get rid of excess fat a new fitness equipment called CelluBike does the job in a new fashion. The program is different from all the available procedures to burn cellulite. The CelluBike equipment sets the body itself to flush off the excess fat out. A minimum of 15 sessions are recommended.

Product Highlights

a. The infrared light is sent into the fatty ares, which penetrates and warms the cellulite beneath the skin, making it soft.
b. This in turn results in rise in cardio activity of the blood stream and accelerated body metabolic rate of vital organs and endocrine glands.
c. The cellulite which is burnt with the resulting exercise will be flushed off the digestive and other elimination systems.
d. The CelluBike procedure is being offered in a few locations in the US, to find out the one closest to you, call 1800-946-9391