There is a new fitness shoe in the market called the Chung-Shi shoes. The Chung-shi shoes come with a host of benefits and have been developed on the ancient far eastern lifestyles and philosophy. The Chung-shi shoes have a built-in Pilate’s system and a reflexology bar which helps increase blood circulation and reduce cellulite. These shoes are not only comfortable and stylish but also built for different feet size and types.

Product features
a. The Chung-shi shoes has an uneven sole and helps correct a persons body posture.
b. It gives relief from joint aches, aids in circulation, reduces cellulite and helps in weight loss.
c. It toughens the leg muscles and improves muscle tone.
d. Even if the wearer is just standing, posture is improved as the body has to balance itself.
e. These shoes should be worn for about 20 minutes a day.
f. The wearer needs to adjust his body gradually to these shoes.
g. These shoes are available in two levels – Level 1 is for beginners and level 2 is for very active people.
i. It increases the oxygen intake of the body.
j. Prices range from £115 - £145 depending on the model, to buy Chung-shi shoes - click here
k. The Chung-shi shoes are a favorite of many hollywood celebrities.