Thanks to the advances made by science, there is no a non-invasive procedure to banish unsightly cellulite from the body. The innovative Crystal Clear Therapy is highly effective and leaves the skin soft and vibrant after just one treatments session. Besides, reducing cellulite, it also has a lifting effect on the skin.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is a non-invasive procedure.
b. It consists of a hand-held machine with a cup that delivers a sharp pinching sensation to dimpled thighs and bottom.
c. It reduces the appearance of cellulite.
d. It also helps in lifting and firming the skin.
e. For best results a series of 10 treatment sessions is recommended.
f. It can be used to tone the skin on the legs, hips, buttocks, arms, stomach and chin.

The procedure
a. It is a combination of vacuum and a unique pulsed program.
b. The Crystal Clear Body Firm Complex is applied before the start of treatment.
c. The machine glides over the skin to create varying degrees of suction.
d. Intermittent pulsing action accompanies the suction and temporarily immobilizes and lifts the soft tissues.
e. It massages the connective tissue and fat globules by stretching the fibrous bands.
f. It detoxifies the body and expels unwanted water.
g. It releases fat from tight connective tissue which holds the fat cell.

£75 per treatment