Fat people can rejoice. Thanks to a revolutionary procedure offered by StrozMedical, currently in trials at Le Med Spa in Buckingham, one can now get rid of cellulite and fat without the pains of surgery, needles or medications. Called Cellupulse, this method can apparently melt away fat and smooth out cellulite from the body. The technology is at present cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to treat sports injuries. However, approval for the cellulite procedure is pending.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is an Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment (EPAT) for cellulite reduction.
b. Acoustic pressure waves are applied to the affected body regions.
c. The sound waves shock the tissue, which results in increased blood flow.
d. It reduces susceptibility to cellulite and reverses and eliminates visible cellulite.
e. It causes fat tissues to shrink
f. It can safely be used on the stomach.
g. It is painless and effective.
h. Two sessions per week for 3 consecutive weeks is required for maximum benefits.
i. Results last for at least a year.
j. This is still in the clinical trial testing phase.

Treatment Areas
The treatment areas for the upper arm, stomach, gluteal region and thighs

Around $1,800 for a series of eight 20-minute treatments