Prevention Fitness Systems has developed a new DVD titled Fight Cellulite Fast to help motivate women to stay fit and healthy. It lists some easy, quick and convenient body-slimming workouts that can be followed by almost anybody. This latest DVD from Prevention has instructions from Chris Freytag and helps women with their workout routine and fitness regime.

DVD Review
a. It contains tips and advice on how to get the maximum benefits out of a workout.
b. Working out for just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week is enough for results to show.
c. It gives two special fat-blasting workouts.
d. These workouts can firm the butt and lead to slimmer thighs and hips.
e. It helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite.
f. It helps in body contouring and toning.

The DVD costs $14.98 and can be bought online from