hypoxitherapy-cellulite-removal.jpg Cellulite is a dreaded nightmare of all women and men. Though there are many therapy in the market for treating this problem, most of them are not 100 per cent effective. Prominent sports science doctor from Salzburg, Austria, Dr Norbert Egger's Hypoxi therapy may be the answer to this problem. Developed and introduced in Europe in 1997, this therapy has been hailed as the best alternative to eliminating cellulite and burning fat from the waist down.

Treatment features
a. Hypoxi consists of a white pod-like vacuum airtight contraption with a bicycle inside it.
b. The patient has to cycle for 30 minute sessions inside the machine.
c. The air inside the machine is sucked out every few minutes so that the muscles have to strain to keep on cycling.
d. It also has a screen to measure pedal power and heart rate.
e. There is a television screen showing MTV programs to divert attention from the strain.
f. 12 treatments in four weeks can give the maximum benefit.
g. People on this therapy have to follow a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet.
h. 10 sessions cost £350.
i. It involves cycling and exercising under low atmospheric pressure.
j. It increases blood supply and improves circulation in cellulite and fat prone areas of hips, thighs and buttocks.
k. It leads to concentrated breakdown of fat in these areas.
l. It reduces cellulite and burns fat.
m. Its efficiency has been proved by extensive clinical trials.
n. It makes the skin look younger.
o. It re-sculpts the hips, thighs and buttocks.