ionithermie-detoxification-procedure.jpg A new detoxification procedure called the Ionithermie, helps reduce inches off your waist, get rid of cellulite and smoothens skin. The procedure is completed in 30 minutes and shows great results in detoxifying the body.

Procedure Highlights
a. The procedure starts off with the skin exfoliation, then conductive French clay is applied to the body.
b. A set of electrodes are placed on the body. The body is stimulated with the mild current that is passed through the electrodes.
c. The current tones up the muscles, energizes the body’s lymphatic system, metabolism and helps reduce cellulite.
d. The body is also relieved of dense toxins with this procedure.
e. Some women have had reduction of 1 to 8 inches around the waist after the Ionithermie procedure.
f. One session of Ionithermie detoxification costs $150.

Spa's where Ionithermie detoxification is currently being offered
a. Momentumtherapies, Austin Texas