scala-slimming-shaper-bermuda-shorts.jpg People suffering from cellulite problems can now take heart. If claims for a new Scala Bio-Fir Anti-Cellulite range of lingerie going on sale at John Lewis stores are to be believed then just choosing the right underwear can lead to a reduction in cellulite.

Product Highlights
a. It is said to significantly reduce cellulite and encourage inch loss in just under 30 days.
b. Tests on 50 women found that 82 per cent who wore the shape wear for 6 hours every day for 30 days experienced significant inch loss and cellulite reduction.
c. The yarn contains active bio-crystals that emit heat energy rays which stimulate cell metabolism, improving blood flow.
d. This stimulates the body's lymphatic drainage system and melts away the subcutaneous fat layer and toxins responsible for cellulite.
e. This into liquid can be removed through excretion.
f. It fits snugly from waist to mid-thigh and creates a smooth and seamless silhouette.
g. The clams have been scientifically proven.
h. However, results are temporary.
i. It is available in black.
j. It is made from 90 per cent polyamide and 10 per cent elastane.
k. It can be hand washed.

£25 onwards, click here to buy now