slimming-tights.jpg Marks & Spencer has introduced an innovative thigh slimming product in their stores. These are thin tights that claim to reduce the circumference of the thighs by half an inch in just 5 days. Though there are some who say that their thighs went back to the normal size once they stopped wearing the tights, others are happy with the results.

Product Highlights
a. The Slimming tights contain marine algae extracts, fruit acids and Ginkgo Biloba plant extracts.
b. Each pair of tights releases the ingredients for up to ten separate wears.
c. It shrinks and 'energizes' the thighs.
d. It makes the skin smooth.
e. It stimulates microcirculation and increases the blood flow.
f. It detoxifies the body and aids in slimming the thighs.
g. According to satisfied customers, it is highly effective.
h. Wearing these tights for eight hours a day for five days is enough for results to show.
i. It is a cheaper and faster alternative to expensive procedures.

The cost of the Spa LegCare slimming tights is $5 to buy click here