MBT-Shoes.jpg MBT trainers ( Masai Barefoot Technology ) have often been called the cellulite burning shoes. They are said to help in back and joint pains and weight loss. But now, physicians are voicing their concern about these shoes. According to them, these shoes might be harmful for wearers and might adversely affect them in the long run. However, according to an MBT spokesman, such reports are baseless since these trainers have been developed after extensive tests and these have also been accepted as a medical product under EU legislation.

Shoe Risks
a. The pivot inside the sole of these shoes could harm a person's posture and mobility.
b. It puts a person at greater risks from injuries.
c. It alters the walk of a person.
d. It makes the superficial muscles of the legs stiff and rigid.
e. It aggravates the problems of people with spinal hypermobility and weak core stability.

Shoe Features
a. It exercises the superficial muscles of legs and buttocks.
b. It helps in back and joint problems.
c. These trainers burn fat, reduce cellulite and help ease back pain.