the-cellulite-cure-dr-lionel-bissoon.jpgCellulite has for long been the bane of a woman's life. Even costly treatments, at times, are of no use in eliminating this problem. All this is now set to change, with The Cellulite Cure. Written by cellulite expert and mesotherapist, Dr. Lionel Bissoon, this book is today a bestseller and has also topped's top movers & shakers list. The book is being hailed as a wonder book that can aid in curing cellulite.

Highlights of book The Cellulite Cure
a. This book was inspired by the questions asked by the author's patients.
b. The author has strived to compile a comprehensive guide to fighting cellulite.
c. It is informative as well as entertaining.
d. The writeup is complemented with before-and-after photos of patients.
e. It contains all information that one might ever need to know about cellulite.
f. The author also includes proven treatment therapies in this book.
g. This book helps a person make an informed decision to eliminate cellulite.
h. It costs $29.95.
i. The book can be purchased online from