cellulite.jpg The latest research studies on cellulite have come out with new findings, about cellulite. These various research studies have used new technologies in conducting various studies.

Study Findings
a. Cellulite is not about your weight; rather it is regarding your body fat percentage.
b. It is found that cellulite is formed when fat layer meshes into the upper layers of the skin.
c. Researchers of L'Oreal-Advanced research labs in France concluded that increase of fat layer in women paves way for cellulite. And they didn't link cellulite to water retention.
d. The study report published in Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy, said that there is no permanent cellulite cure.
e. A cellulite cure requires fat reduction. All the cellulite creams can only reduce the appearance of dimples.
f. Studies have revealed that women who have been doing aerobic activity along with reduction in calorie intake; there was a significant reduction in the size of fat cells, in abdominal and buttocks area.