smooth-shapes-cellulite-reduction.jpg Women fighting a losing battle against the appearance of cellulite can now breathe easy. SmoothShapes Inc., a new aesthetics company, has announced the launch of its SmoothShapes 100 System to help women get rid of cellulite. The FDA has cleared this system for use in treating cellulite problems. This system is a combination of laser and vacuum massage used for effective reducing the appearance of subcutaneous fat.

Product review
a. This is a non-invasive, dual wavelength laser based system.
b. This device is used along with suction and mechanical massage.
c. The combination of laser and vacuum effectively disrupts the cellulite formation and tighten the skin.
d. It is used in the temporary reduction of cellulite.
e. It is also used to relieve minor muscles aches, pains and spasms.
f. It is a gentle and gradual process.
g. It rejuvenates and tightens the skin and improves blood circulation.
h. It reduces wrinkles and leads to a younger and more vibrant skin.
i. It is safe, painless and highly effective.
j. Results are visible after 12, 50 minutes sessions in six weeks.
k. Yearly follow-up sessions are recommended for maximum benefit.
l. It can be used by medical practitioners, spas, health clubs and aesthetic clinics.