Cellulite, the dreaded fear of most women, usually affects the thighs and buttock. Till date, there has been no effective cure for this though there are numerous products in the market that claims to be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulites. Now, researchers are conducting studies to determine the efficacy of collagenase injection, an enzyme found in the human body, people with cellulite problems might soon get relief.

Study Highlights
a. This study is the second phase of a FDA study to test the safety and efficacy of collagenase injection.
b. There were 10 female patients with a mean BMI of 28.
c. The age of all the participants was 41 years.
d. Researchers injected the posterolateral thighs of participants with 0.58mg of collagenase.
e. After the injection, the participants were followed and photographed.
f. The area of cellulite was also quantified in centimeters.

Results of the study

a. Researchers noticed a significant reduction in cellulite appearance in the treated area.
b. In day 1, cellulite area reduced by 77 per cent.
c. After one week, it reduced by 74 per cent.
d. After one month, it reduced by 89 per cent.
e. After 3 months, it reduced by 86 per cent.
f. After 6 months, it reduced by 76 per cent.
g. One out of 4 patients were completely satisfied after 6 months.
h. None of the participants exhibited any significant differences in BMI and thigh circumference.

Conclusion of the study
a. Researchers concluded that collagenase injections were safe and effective.
b. They recommend further testing within the FDA regulatory process.

Side effects
a. Patients experienced some soreness in the injected area.
b. They also complained of ecchymosis and mild edema.
c. However, these side effects disappeared after about 10 to 18.