Sun Power Source, a California based company specializing in state-of-the-art fitness equipments, will introduce Thermojet Infrared Body Wrap in the US. This is a European product that has been used in spas, fitness centres and salons for over 10 years. The Thermojet Infrared body wrap is a non-invasive procedure to reduce cellulite and aid in weight loss.

Procedure Review
a. The Wrap is a healthy, non-invasive and therapeutic slimming treatment.
b. A client just has to lie on a massage table fully dressed.
c. 3 to 5 wide flexible silicone bandages are wrapped around him and then connected to the Thermojet Plus equipment.
d. This is an effective treatment for inch loss.
e. It is also very effective in weight loss.
f. It can treat bones, joints and muscle pains, reduce swelling and get rid of toxins.
g. This Wrap is the first to use both "short" and "long" infrared rays resulting in shorter sessions and more effective treatments.