ultrameso-cellulite-treatment.jpg Cellulite is one of the most heard and seen problems faced by many women. Now a treatment called 'UltraMeso' is offered by Dr. Simon Ourian's Epione medical center, Beverly Hills to treat cellulite effectively. UltraMeso is a non-invasive procedure to cure cellulite.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is an alternative to liposuction by using completely non-invasive methods.
b. UltraMeso treatment involves injecting a fat-dissolving cocktail into the mesoderm to remove the fat instantly.
c. Soon after the procedure is performed the blood and lymphatic flow will be enhanced and fibrosis of the connective tissue decreased.
d. This entire procedure will take not more than 30 minutes and unlike liposuction there will be a minimal bruising and swelling.
e. One can resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment and results are seem immediately.