For women who are suffering from cellulite, there is a new procedure called 'Vacuum massage therapy with rubber glass' which significantly reduces cellulite.

Therapy Highlights

a. This rubber glass massage method improves peripheral blood circulation, lymph and inter tissue liquid becomes better.
b. The metabolism and dermal respiration at the massaged part will be developed.
c. The elasticity of muscles will be improved and skin will become more elastic.
d. This vaccum massage therapy will significantly help women suffering from cellulite.
e. This therapy is not only for cellulite reduction but also helpful for patients suffering from colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and osteochondrosis.
f. Before massaging with rubber glass apply oil or anti cellulite cream to your legs.
g. Place the rubber glass neck tightly to skin and release, after squeezing the rubber glass cylinder in the middle.
h. Massage your skin by moving it straight, circular and you will notice the results with in a few days of time.
i. The cost of the Rubber glass is $29.95