The appearance of cellulite is a dreaded nightmare for most people. The worst thing is that there are no instant solutions to this problem. Till date, the best way to avoid it was to stay healthy and eat and drink with care. But now, with the Verseo Roller Massage System, one can easily get rid of these ugly marks sitting in the comforts of the home. This multi-function massage system breaks up cellulite and reduces its appearance while relaxing the body for a wholesome experience.

Product features
a. This is a portable and lightweight device.
b. It treats cellulite problems and works as a relaxant.
c. It makes the skin tighter.
d. It consists of three soft, contoured and interchangeable rubber roller heads, a fixed roller that can generate heat, vacuum and vibrate and a 6 oz tube of massage gel.
e. The gel helps in reducing friction and leads to deeper tissue penetration.
f. It has a stretchable fabric hand support, AC adapter and a zippered carrying case.
g. It is easy to use.
h. The massage system costs $79.95 and the gel costs $14.95, to buy click here