air-slim-vaccum-fat-burner.gifBraun Medizin Kosmetik is launching the AirSlim models IR Scan and Medic Scan in sept 2006. The AirSlim - vacuum - system was built to lose weight in hips, buttocks, tummy & legs. The AirSlim vaccum fat burner system has an chamber in which a treadmill is placed. When put to use, the problem zones in the body are supplied with blood and fat combustion around multiple areas.

Product Review

a. AirSlim basic model comes without the Infrared thermal camera.
b. Models come in different colors
c. AirSlim vaccum fat burner system comes with a Infrared thermal camera to show body intensity in different colors.
d. Available, full guarantee and service.
e. Price is only 8,900 (euro) net plus VAT and delivery.
f. Financing available