purelogical-collagen-supplements.jpg From a humble beginning from the owners quest to find relief from a leg injury, PureLogical is today worth £500,000. Established by McLaughlin this company today offers a range of exclusive age-defying cosmeceuitcal and nutri-ceutical skincare.

Highlights of the PureLogicol products
a. There are four exclusive products in this range.
b. All the active agents used by this range is safe and clinically proven.
c. Their topical skincare range does not use parabens, alcohol, colours and perfume.
d. This is a cruelty free range as none of the products have been tested on animals.
e. Their nutritional supplements provide inner beauty and total wellbeing.
f. Trials are currently on in South Africa.
g. These products are available in salons, spas and independent pharmacies.

Highlights of products
The PureLogicol age-defying Collagen Supplement
a. This is a unique formulation that is rich in amino acids which stimulate collagen rejuvenation.
b. It helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
c. It promotes shiny hair, strong nails and healthy joints.

The cost is £29.99. To buy the Collagen Supplements click here