Japanese food like sushi, soba, udon, yakitori and ramen has captured the imagination of New Yorkers. Now, Himi Okajima, a chef from Japan's southern main island of Kyushu, is all set to open a new restaurant in Greenwich Village where he will serve the ethnic delicacy Tonsoku. This dish is made with pork feet and the chef is convinced that this is the next big thing as this food item is also touted to make the skin of consumers beautiful. This restaurant, named Hakata TonTon will be opened in September 2007.

Tonsoku Specialties
a. This is a common dish of southwestern Japan.
b. It contains pork feet as the main ingredient.
c. The protein in pork feet is rich in collagen.
d. It has less fat and calories than other meats.
e. Chef Okajima is planning to put together a menu of 40 different dishes containing shredded pork-feet with different ingredients to tempt customers.
f. This dish will help retain the health and youth of the skin.
g. It gives the skin strength and elasticity.