g-spot-amplification.gifThe G-spot was first identified by German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg in 1950. It is the small erogenous area behind the pubic bone and is accessible through the anterior wall of the vagina. Dr. David Matlock, a Los Angeles gynecologist and plastic surgeon, invented and trademarked the G--Shot. This is a collagen injection that causes a swelling in the G-Spot. More and more women are queuing up for this shot as it is said to improve sex life.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is also known as the G-spot Amplification.
b. It involves the use of a 3 ½ inch needle.
c. A small dose of collagen is injected into the Grafenberg Spot so that it swells to the size of a quarter.
d. This procedure has been performed on almost 250 women in the last 2 years.
e. It is said to spice up the sex life of a woman.
f. The human engineered collagen is FDA approved.

a. A patient might feel light headed for some time after the procedure.

a. The procedure costs $1,850