Waitaki Biosciences of New Zealand has announced the launch of a bovine collagen ingredient in the market. Called Coll2, this ingredient is the latest entrant to the fast expanding cosmeceutical industry.Till date Waitaki's Marine Collagen was widely appreciated in the market.

Highlights of the bovine collagen ingredient Coll2
a. This ingredient is rich in type II collagen and glycosamino glycan (GAG).
b. It contains about 55 to 65 per cent type II collagen and 12 to 15 per cent GAG in the form of chondroitin sulphate.
c. It is a nutricosmetic product.
d. It is sourced from New Zealand which is BSE free.
e. It can be used to diminish wrinkles.
f. It can help in skin inflammations.
g. It can be used both as supplements and also as functional foods.