The dermabrasion products market in the US is getting more competitive with the imminent introduction of Clinicares Inc's Micro Roller. This product was developed after many years pf painstaking research using the combined knowledge of Beverly Hills dermatologists, German engineering and Korean innovation. This product will enter a lucrative million dollar anti-aging industry.

Product Review
a. This is a razor-like device with a wheel, with hundreds of surgical steel needles, at the end instead of a blade.
b. When this device is roiled on the skin, these needles slightly penetrate the skin.
c. It can be used after multi-peptide or any other topical solutions has been applied to the skin.
d. It stimulates collagen below the skin's surface.
e. It reduces wrinkles, lines, scars and other marks on the skin.
f. It is an ideal alternative to laser dermabrasion and botox treatments.
g. It is highly effective and safe.
h. It is comparatively less expensive.