Maintaining and retaining a radiant skin is not an easy job. It involves a strict regimen and as age advances a comprehensive routine. One way of showing off a smooth, vibrant and youthful face is to go in for non-invasive techniques like the microdermabrasion skin resurfacing technique. All these involve a visit to a spa or a dermatologist. But with the Crystalift Resurfacing system people can now perform their intense skin care routine at home. The dual action and portability of this device makes it a perfect solution for beauty maintenance. .

Features & Benefits
a. This is a portable, convenient anti-aging device that is a combination of the vacuum-lift and crystal resurfacing technology.
b. The kit consists of a crystalift resurfacing machine, complete treatment series and an instructional DVD.
c. It is the first resurfacing device that can be used at home.
d. It involves the gentle spraying of micronized mineral crystals onto the skin while dead and damaged skin cells are vacuumed.
e. It helps in the removal of surface cells that result in wrinkles or spots.
f. This device is to be used once a week for 10 minutes.
g. It stimulates cellular rejuvenation, reduces wrinkles, lines, brown spots and makes the skin smooth and young.
h. It improves the nutrient and moisture retaining capacity of the skin.
i. It deep cleanses the skin giving it a radiant look.
j. Long term usage can lead to a firming of the skin.
k. It is safe and painless and is suitable for all skin types.

a. It is not meant for people less than 18 years of age.
b. People with acne, rosacea, eczema, moles or any other skin disorder should not use this device.
c. It might irritate the skin of people using certain medication like retinol, retina-A, etc.
d. A doctor should be consulted before a person uses this device.

Cost of product
a. It costs $249.00 to buy the complete system click here