arte-fill-dermal-filler.jpg.jpg ArteFill, dermal filler has caught the fancy of many due to its long lasting results (results usually last for years) unlike collagen injections which have to be repeated every 6-weeks. But there are some concerns over the negative effects of ArteFill.

a. ArteFill dermal filler is still not approved by FDA.
b. Nobody really knows how long-lasting fillers will look years later as the face continues to age.
c. The marketplace is full of inexperienced practitioners and counterfeit products — all of which could lead to botched work including long-lasting, ugly results such as lumpiness or lopsidedness.
d. ArteFill, for example, consists of tiny synthetic spheres made from polymethylmethacrylate, a substance that is not easily absorbed into the body.
e. In case of ArteFill, experts advise to go slow. Over time, human collagen will grow in and plump out the wrinkle — so overfilling could lead to bumps
f. It is advised to first take temporary filler like collagen injection to watch the body reaction before going for long lasting filler ArteFill.
g. If the user dislikes the result of the ArteFill or in case there is a bad reaction with it; The effect of the ArteFill is not easy to nullify or remedy.